Friday, June 23, 2017

The City of Waterloo executed a contract with HR Green, Inc. to help position the former Chamberlain Manufacturing site for future redevelopment opportunities. The City is currently in discussions with its former operator and officials from Iowa Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify a final remediation strategy in concert with an EPA Unilateral Administrative Order issued in 2010.  HR Green is tasked with reviewing existing analytical data to identify remaining areas of potential impact as it relates to future use exposure risks, conclude whether additional confirmation sampling is warranted, and offer a conceptual range of potential cleanup options with associated costs based on review of existing data. HR Green will also create three reuse designs for the site and adjoining publicly-owned property to display at an open house and present to city staff and elected officials.  The City has leveraged Kansas State University’s (KSU) Targeted Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) Program for review and feedback of both the technical data and the conceptual redevelopment plans.  KSU TAB staff will also facilitate a public educational outreach meeting in the neighborhood.  Details on these events will be posted once finalized.